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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 22, 2012

Beckhams Approve of Marc Anthony’s New Beau

Beckhams Approve of Marc Anthony’s New Beau

Photo: Beckham with pal Marc Anthony

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Marc Anthony’s new girlfriend was a hit with both David and Victoria Beckham, whom described the beau as delightful after meeting her at a music awards ceremony honoring the talented singer.

Victoria Beckham, who is still very good friends with Marc’s ex Jennifer Lopez, also nodded her approval and friendship to his new love interest.

In various occasions the two ladies were seen together in fashion events, an obvious commonality amongst the two who both own their distinct businesses in the fashion world.

Apparently, Shannon de Lima began to fall on the good side of the couple during their time together at the ASCAP gala where David Beckham presented Marc Anthony with a special award.

Shannon and Anthony were very close together throughout the length of the event. According to reports, Shannon was radiant and constantly smiling next to Mark, who was the star of the night.

This newfound friendship can be an apparent threat to Jennifer’s friendship with the couple, since friendships are usually lost after a relationship breaks up.

We doubt Jennifer cares since she is very busy with Casper Smart and fighting off rumors they got married on a boat in Mexico recently.