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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 28, 2013

Wisin & Yandel Deny Cuba’s Claim Lyrics are Offensive to Women

Wisin & Yandel Deny Cuba’s Claim Lyrics are Offensive to Women

Photo: Wisin & Yandel

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The Puerto Rican reggaeton duo of Wisin & Yandel denied Thursday that their lyrics are offensive to women, an assessment made by the Cuban government in barring the group’s songs from being played on radio and television.

“I believe we’re not offending women,” Juan Luis Morera Luna, a.k.a. Wisin, said Thursday, a day before the group will perform at the Viña del Mar Festival’s closing-night concert.

Wisin said, for example, that the lyrics to the track “Sexy movimiento” - which roughly translate as “You have a knockout body that any man would want to touch. Sexy Movement” - praise women for their beauty.

The Cuban government’s assessment of the group’s lyrics as obscene was “unfounded,” he said, referring to a measure handed down earlier this year on the island.

Wisin added that the duo’s only intention is to “bring joy and have a good time.”

The artist also said the group has “millions” of Cuban fans, not only among the Cuban-exile community in the United States but also among the island’s residents, and that most of their hard-core fans are women.

The duo will be performing for the second time at the Viña del Mar Festival, which has included reggaeton as one of its staple genres.