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Latino Daily News

Monday January 31, 2011

Wilmer Valderrama to Star in Remake of Chilean Comedy: ‘Que Pena Tu Vida’

Wilmer Valerrama is set to have the leading role in the remake of a Chilean favorite “Que Pena Tu Vida” (What a Shame Your Life Is).  The comedy is about love in the digital age and was adapted to the screen by screenwriter Hiram Martinez.

Distributor Pantelion is on a role and slated to release eight to ten films a year over the next five years targeted to Latino audiences.  Their kick off movie is the comedy from Prada to Nada also starring Wilmer Vaderrama. 

Pantelion is a joint venture by Lionsgate-Televisa and one of many formed to bring more Latino cultural content to the big screen.