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Latino Daily News

Saturday May 26, 2012

Wilmer Valderrama Being Sued By Neighbor For “Too Much Noise”

Wilmer Valderrama Being Sued By Neighbor For “Too Much Noise”

Photo: Wilmer Valderrama

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Of all the neighbors in the world to live by, Wilmer Valderrama isn’t one person’s first choice, reports state.

E! News reports that Valderrama’s neighbor, Baruch Eichenbaum, is suing the former That ‘70s Show actor for allegedly making “too much noise.” The suit states that there is too much “partying, vehicle traffic and barking dogs” going on at his neighbor’s house per a suit filed on May 22.

Eichenbaum states that he has, on several occasions, called the police, written letters requesting that the noise be kept to a minimum, as well as called and spoken personally to the actor’s staff, “but the frequent loud and disturbing noise has continued.”

Along with the noise, Eichenbaum also states that while renovations were being made to Valderrama’s guest house, his own yard and garage was damaged by water. He is suing Valderrama for mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering. He is seeking unspecified monetary damages and a “permanent injunction” which will limit the actor and his staff from creating a significant amount of noise.

Valderrama recently completed work on The Girl Is In Trouble and can be seen in episodes of the TV series, Awake.

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