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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 3, 2012

Will Ten-Year-Old Mariachi Win it All in “America’s Got Talent”?

Will Ten-Year-Old Mariachi Win it All in “America’s Got Talent”?

Photo: Sebastian de la Cruz on America's Got Talent

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Ten-year-old Sebastian De La Cruz, a San Antonio native, has made it one step closer to victory after impressing the judges on ‘America’s Got Talent’ this last week.  De La Cruz will be headed to the live show in New York (actually the New Jersey Performing Arts Center) along with the other 48 selected participants, with the first group performing last night.

According to the show “De La Cruz, is the lead singer of a live mariachi group. Performing for more than five years, Sebastian’s act includes mariachi and folklore dancers. With his performance on America’s Got Talent, he hopes to show America what mariachi music is all about. In addition to singing, Sebastian loves basketball, Marilyn Monroe, skating, playing jokes and magic.”

‘El Charro de Oro’ is the first mariachi singer on the show.  Judges have been amazed by the talent of this young singer since his audition in Austin back in June.  Sharon Osborne, a judge on the show, said she was amazed that such a large voice could come out of such a small boy. 

De La Cruz was quoted by NBC during his first audition saying, “My whole family, they love music, I just love my family, they give me the music and what I do.”

Although De La Cruz is headed to New York for the first round of the quarter-finals, things came to an end on the show for another Latino favorite, father daughter duo Jorge and Alexa Narvaez.  Although they impressed judges during their Los Angeles auditions they were sent home.