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Latino Daily News

Friday September 21, 2012

Will Playboy Send Their Beer, Wine to Brazil?

Will Playboy Send Their Beer, Wine to Brazil?

Photo: Will Playboy Send Their Beer, Wine to Brazil?

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Now that Playboy Enterprises Inc. is selling both beer and wine, the magazine is apparently considering selling their beer in Brazil.

‘We are pursuing business opportunities in categories that emulate the Playboy lifestyle,’ Playboy Enterprises chief marketing officer, Kristin Patrick, recently told Advertising Age.

Those opportunities reportedly include expanding their beer market to Brazil.

Should the decision to be made to expand to Brazil, Playboy wine may follow.

Playboy recently announced the Playboy Wine Club saying:

Whether you are new to wine or a long time wine lover, the Playboy Wine Club promises exclusivity, innovation and style while guaranteeing excellent value at all levels. All the wines offered through Playboy Wine Club are curated by an expert panel that is focused on approachable luxury. We don’t play by the old rules, rather we make our own. That is why we find wines, not just from the most renowned growing regions but also by looking to areas that most wine marketers barely know exist.