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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 2, 2011

WikiLeaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Typically nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize as well as the selection process is very hush hush, but a Norwegian lawmaker wants everyone to know that he has submitted a nomination for WikiLeaks to receive the prestigious award.

Snorre Valen justified his selection as comparable to the Chinese pro-democracy activist, Liu Xiaobo who won the prize this year.  Xiaobo remains in jail for his open opposition to the Chinese government, whereas Valen feels the website is under siege for speaking up against corrupt and supposedly democratic governments.  Both, Xiaobo and WikiLeaks, he feels support freedom of speech.

The nomination does not include WikiLeak founder Julian Assange. In his blog Valen noted “Many seek to redraw the map of information freedom with the emergence of institutions like Wikileaks. Political powers and institutions that ordinarily protect freedom of speech suddenly warn against the danger, the threat to security, yes even the ‘terrorism’ that Wikileaks represent. In doing so, they fail in upholding democratic values and human rights.”