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Latino Daily News

Monday May 28, 2012

Wife Accuses Zeta Cartel of Kidnapping Her Husband Out of Their Texas Home

Wife Accuses Zeta Cartel of Kidnapping Her Husband Out of Their Texas Home

Photo: Armando Morfin Kidnapped by Zetas

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Marina Morfin is pleading for the safe return of her husband Armando Morfin, who was kidnapped out of their La Blanca, Texas home on March 30th.

She believes her husband was kidnapped by the Zeta’s drug cartel operating out of Mexico.  On March 30th, Morfin was home with the couples 4-year-old daughter when three gun men smashed the front door down in the morning.  Mother and daughter were held at gunpoint until the husband returned home from dropping off the couples other two children at school.

The camouflage-wearing gunmen identified themselves as members of Los Zetas drug cartel and spoke only Spanish asking for her husband.  According to The Monitor, the gunmen wanted to “ask him some questions” and were not there to rob the house.

Once he returned he was whisked out of the home by the gunmen with a promise made by the Zetas to Mrs. Morfin – your husband will be back in a half hour.  He has not been seen since.  Last year in this area there were three drug-related kidnappings.  The Mexico border is approximately 15 miles from the Morfin home.

Morfin, 40-year-old, has a prior conviction for felony drug possession and is listed in certain police databases as a known narco.  There is a $105,000 reward for his return.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hidalgo County Crime Stoppers at (956) 668-TIPS.