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Latino Daily News

Monday January 10, 2011

Why Aren’t Many Latino Parents Involved in Their Child’s School?

The first point to make here is that there is a difference between not being involved in your child’s school and not being involved in your child’s education.

Latino parents are very supportive of their children receiving the best education they can afford but not necessarily comfortable with being involved in the school where they are getting that education.

As Latinos, especially immigrants from Mexico, become the majority in some school districts, people are trying to understand the apparent lack of parental involvement.

Most students whose parents come from Mexico come from a cultural background that respects and trusts educators and the public school system.  What the teacher says goes, no need for my input.

In addition, the Mexican school system does not require parental involvement as the U.S. school system does.

The good news is that as parents acculturate this cultural propensity to not participate, diminishes with parents recognizing they are required to attend conferences, communicate with teachers and be part of the PTA.