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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 10, 2011

‘“Why Are We Talking About This?” Says Senator Rubio to Trump’s ‘Birther’ Banter (VIDEO)

Florida’s junior Senator Marco Rubio wondered out loud yesterday on the ‘Daily Caller’s’ show why anyone including Presidential pretender Donald Trump is talking about the President’s birth certificate.  The issue as to whether President Obama was born in this country and therefore if he has a right to hold the office of President is known as the ‘birther’ issue.

The Cuban-American right leaning Senator is obviously not keeping in step with some other right-wingers questioning the President’s nationality and legal right to govern. 

“I believe Barack Obama was born in the United States of America,” Rubio says in the Daily Caller interview. “He says he was, so why are we talking about this?”

Rubio thinks the country has bigger problems to deal with.

“There are more important things facing our country,” he noted. “What does that have to do with the $14 trillion we owe?” he asked, noting the national debt is of special concern “we should be focusing on [that] like a laser.”

Though Rubio is not keeping in step with many 2012 Presidential candidates, like Mike Huckabee, who insist on discussing the birther issue – he is like the majority of Americans who reveal in many polls their lack of interest on the matter.  Nonetheless, Sarah Palin today spoke live on Fox News’ praising Trump for getting at the bottom of this important issue ‘More Power to him!” she said. 

Some say Rubio may be cautious on the issue since he is the son of immigrants born in Cuba and though he was born in Miami, Florida some of these very same people may call into question his country of birth at some point in the future.

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