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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 11, 2010

Who, When and Where – Cuban Government Slowly Providing Details on 52 Detainees Release

When the Cuban Catholic Church announced that 52 jailed political dissidents would be released several days ago no one knew who, when and where – slowly those details are coming out, making this unprecedented action by the Cuban government more of a reality. 

Yesterday 12 names of detainees to be released were provided on top of 5 identified earlier.  All of these individuals have accepted asylum in Spain, who has agreed to accept them as a condition of their release.  The landmark deal was brokered by the Spanish government and the Catholic Church; though over 100 political prisoners remain in jail and are not part of these negotiations.

The 52 release-es are among a group of journalists and political activists that were jailed on charges of treason for their actions and public voice against the government in 2003;  most have been in jail since then.  All that remains unknown is when they will be released. 


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