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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 10, 2012

Who is Behind the Lucha Libre Mask?  A Lawyer and a Computer Expert of Course!

Who is Behind the Lucha Libre  Mask?  A Lawyer and a Computer Expert of Course!

Photo: Blue Demon Lucha Libre

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A lawyer and an expert in computer systems are behind the masks of famous wrestlers who participate in a national tour that will allow immigrants to enjoy their sport idols, the legends born in Mexico .

“Masked Warriors Live” is the tour that will travel to more than a dozen major cities in the U.S. Fifteen fighters, 90 percent of them Mexicans, will rise to the ring proudly displaying the masks that characterize the sport, that was born at home 75 years ago.

Some of the best known fighters, Blue Demon , Lizmark Latin Lover, among others, will travel from Mexico, to participate in the tour, which according to “USA Wrestling”  is the first of this magnitude since the creation of the company, which promotes the kind of Mexican wrestling.

The list includes other well-known Mexican Super Nova, Little Halloween, The Oriental, Chavo Guerrero and LA Park, who for generations have been dedicated to wrestling.

The tour will begin on March 23 in Reno, Nevada, where he will move to California and Texas, and in every city will feature local fighters as guests, said Alex Abrahantes, USA Wrestling.
“70 percent of Latino families are attending, with parents, children and grandparents. It’s like a religion in Mexico and here in America we are bringing this tradition,” he said.
“The remaining 30% of fans are Americans who know the names and style of wrestling in Mexico,” he said, adding that the wrestling program that is transmitted through Tr3s MTV2 has many followers and is very popular in social networks.

Traditionally, wrestlers wear masks to hide their true face to create expectations among the public, including the legendary Blue Demon, who turns 27 this year.
“The mask is the most precious possession of a fighter, in that we base our mystique and our magic. People always want to know who is behind that mask,” which in one case is a computer systems specialist, a businessman who promotes Figure Blue Demon and philanthropist through his Blue Foundation, the famous wrestler told Efe who says he wears the mask 90% of the time.

“With the mask I am an anti-hero who fights for social welfare, for the triumph of the people who can not speak, I speak for them, but I’m a normal person with family obligations, which must contribute to their children,” he added.

Blue Demon, who inherited the blue and silver mask of his legendary father, was pleased to be part of an event that will allow many Mexicans and other Latinos whose legal status does not allow travel to their home countries, a chance to enjoy their favorite sport .

“It is aimed at all immigrants legal or not because I think the dream is pursued everywhere. What the person wants to see is something of their roots left behind, which they grew up with and want their children to know.  Something to share with his family and pass on the values, “said the 210 pound world champion.
He also said he is pleased with the growing support of the sport in the U.S.

“The United States invaded Mexico, and now we are invading this country with wrestling and although the audience we are addressing are Latinos, we have seen that they are not all are Hispanic,” which he attributes to “the school of Mexican wrestling has special charisma that appeals to many different cultures. “
Another professional behind the mask is Lizmark son, who graduated as a lawyer but has not practiced the profession.

“I am a second generation wrestler who has spent his life with his Dad and enjoying the sport. ” recalled Lizmark 38, who is devoted to wrestling and also wears a mask ‘that you inherit from your father and wear proudly. “

On this tour the wrestler will defend his title of heavyweight champion.
“I have great expectations of defending my championship,” he said and recalled that his father wanted him to go to college and not be dedicated to wrestling.
“I ended my legal career because wrestling has given me to live well. Also, I like fighting almost daily battles and traveling a lot,” he said.