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Latino Daily News

Friday May 17, 2013

Where is Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson – Florida Police Want to Know

Where is Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson – Florida Police Want to Know

Photo: Evelyn Lozada & Chad Ochocinco Johnson

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Former Miami Dolphin wide receiver and former husband of Evelyn Lozada,  Chad ‘Ochocingo’ Johnson is missing and Florida’s Broward Sheriff’s want to know his whereabouts.

Johnson had been on probation since August of 2012 as a result of domestic abuse charges leveled by Lozada – his wife of one month at the time.

The six-time Pro Bowl and football standout pleaded no-contest and agreed to probation starting in September of 2012.  After Johnson failed to show up with his probation officer for two visits this year a bench warrant was issued on May 7, 2013.  Still no Ochocinco.  In addition Johnson is alleged to not have finished his required classes in “Batters Intervention Program.” 

Lozada, who is of Puerto Rican descent, is a reality-TV star on ‘Basketball Wives’ and fitness columnist for Latina Magazine.  She was previously engaged to pro-basketballer Antoine Walker.  Shortly after Johnson’s arrest the Miami Dolphin’s dropped him and he has not played professional football since.