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Latino Daily News

Friday April 27, 2012

What’s in Store for Latinos from Corporate America for Cinco de Mayo

What’s in Store for Latinos from Corporate America for Cinco de Mayo

Photo: Malibu Red Tequila Rum

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Cinco do Mayo is around the corner, the time to celebrate Latinos and more importantly time to make more money off of them.  So I am always on the look out for what is being offered for our pueblo from the product development and marketing geniuses in Corporate America. 

This maybe the best time of the year (except for Hispanic Heritage month of course) and maybe the only time of year (especially if the Supreme Court legitimizes racial-profiling) to be Latino, I say.

This year will not disappoint from Doritos Locos tacos to the Bacon, Jalapeño & Pineapple Frozen margaritas at the local cantinas, there is much to indulge in.  Thank God many marketers don’t suggest healthy living options for the starch stuffed pueblo that has obesity rates hovering at the highest rate ever.

They know no one wants to hear “forego the Margarita and just suck on the limes” when we are celebrating Mexico’s defeat of the French in 1862 albeit a brief moment of glory before a resounding defeat that gave Mexico it’s first foreign Emperor, Maximilian.

God knows what more corporate America thinks I need to stuff down my gullet to show their love and interest in my Latino-ness but I am open to all suggestions.

Thus far my favorite offering is from Malibu Rum.  They take the prize for efficiency by combining two Latino favorites:  rum (native to Latin America and the Caribbean) and Tequila (native to Mexico) and dumping it all in one bottle and having a black man who sings sell it to us. 
I am not sure if Pitbull wasn’t available or too busy promoting Bud Lite, Pepsi, Voli Vodka and God knows what else and Marc Anthony is busy getting divorced.

In all honesty maybe Malibu Rum was just trying to expand its product line to the urban hipster market and not necessarily to Latinos.  However, when I see model Annabelle Acosta in the Ne-Yo promotional video talking in Spanish and pics of Tulum, Mexico all over the place, I smell a sublime message aimed at the burgeoning Latino purchasing power.

I did find it interesting that the marketing centers around Tulum which is home to Mayan ruins not where tequila comes from. 

Who cares about facts when someone is trying to sell something, right?

Worry not, if liquor combos aren’t your thing, I am also checking out the new ‘Flavor Fiesta’.  If you partake you can enjoy Tyson boneless wings with a Jose Cuervo margarita mix and Tabasco’s Pepper Sauce.  I thought chicken wings were a creation from down South not south of the border.

Who thinks up these things?? 

Didn’t anyone every tell them to not rely on stereotypes to sell stuff?  I am going to drown my rage at Madison Avenue with a Malibu Red Grapefruit Margarita and stuff myself with chicken wings and homemade salsa from Puebla, Mexico – home to the real Cinco de Mayo.