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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 19, 2014

What to Expect from Today’s ‘Three Amigo’ Meeting in Toluca, Mexico

Today the ‘Three Amigos’ from North America meet, so what should we expect. 

The North American trilateral summit as it is formally known will take place between President Obama, Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The friendly meeting amongst neighbors is being hosted by Mexico in the city of Toluca, 40 miles outside of Mexico City.  Toluca is the Mexican President’s home state and a great source of pride.  Obama is expected to arrive in Mexico at 1:10 EST and start the day with a private meeting with Pena Nieto.  The three leaders will issue a joint statement at the conclusion of their one-day meeting around 7pm EST.

Assuredly there won’t be discussion of immigration reform since there is no immigration reform just mucho rhetoric and mucho stalling.  The President will try to avoid the subject knowing many Mexicans and U.S. Latinos blame him for the lack of action.  There probably won’t be any discussion about how handsome Pena Nieto looks on the cover of Time Magazine since he has been bashed by most of his countrymen for it.  Not sure if the pesky issue of U.S. spying one of its biggest trading partners, Mexico, will come up.  Then there’s the issue of Mexico’s vicious drug cartels and America’s insatiable desire for what they are selling. 

The meeting will likely focus on Keystone KL pipeline issues, relaxed border controls for “trusted” travelers, expanded trade with Asia and Mexico’s end to its state-owned PEMEX.

The “trusted” travelers agreement should it pass, is of much interest to business and frequent North American travelers.  Frequent travelers willing to undergo a background check and pay a fee can completely avoid immigration lines and expedite customs when traveling within the three North American countries.

This is the seventh such “Three Amigos” summit since 2005.  These indeed are the three amigo nations that enjoy large and prosperous trade relations with each other.  The U.S. and Canada trade relation is valued at $632 billion annually while the U.S. and Mexico trade stands at $507 billion annually. 


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