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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 30, 2011

What the Fuá is “Fuá”?

What the Fuá is “Fuá”?

Photo: El Fuá Man

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Rescued from a gutter by Méxican rescue officials, this man conjured, summoned, beckoned the almighty Fuá from within, over and over. But, what is it?

“The Fuá means, when you bring out the character from your stomach, let me demonstrate… I just…can’t do it anymore, HOW CAN’T YOU, FUÁ,” said the unidentified discoverer of Fuá. “It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter what you make. The most important thing is… to give extra, the Fuá!” the man said, providing some (if any) light on the actual meaning of Fuá.

“What you project onto the universe, that is the Fuá.”

The man alleged that Fuá allowed him to bring people from the dead, as well as to see into the future “that man, he is going to live more than you and I combined.”

We’re not entirely sure we fully understand this new discovery, fuá, but it sure looks like Hugo Chávez could use its healing powers, as according to the FuáMan “No, no, no, no.. Fuá, Fuá! Fuá, and you revive him, and when that person serves society, is when you give the [thumps on cop car] Fuá!”


May the Fuá be with you.