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Latino Daily News

Saturday August 7, 2010

What Is More Rare Than a Pink Diamond, Winning the Lottery…?

What is more rare than finding a flawless pink diamond or winning the lottery when there are million-to-one odds?  The Answer:  finding a Republican, yes we said Republican, candidate running for elected office that advocates ‘open the doors’ to legal immigration.  This Republican candidate is not running for a minor office, like sewage commissioner or dog catcher but for Governor of the State of Illinois, Land of Lincoln.

Illinois State Senator and Republican candidate for governor Bill Brady is running against the incumbent Governor Pat Quinn.  Pat Quinn was Lieutenant Governor when the infamous but loveable Rod ‘Blabbo’ Blagojevich was removed from office in an impeachment vote in early 2009.

Brady was speaking to the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce yesterday when he stated proudly “The birthrate in this country will not allow us to grow at a rate we need to grow at.  And we need to bring real reform to immigration policy, and open the doors, so we can see a growth rate in this country of 4% or greater.”  The statement was later modified slightly when Brady was questioned by local press – Brady clarified he wants the door open but not entirely wide open.  Nonetheless he stands by creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  Rare indeed. 


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