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Latino Daily News

Saturday December 21, 2013

What is Mexico Going to Find at the World Cup?

What is Mexico Going to Find at the World Cup?

Photo: Mexican soccer fans

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By Aaron Zurita, Reach Hispanic

The Mexican national soccer team team has been criticized in the past few months for their bad performance before the CONCACAF brackets in the final World Cup elimination round.

Some voices encouraged the Tricolor to lose by default so that they would not attend the World Cup, for fear of total humiliation, others across social networks demanded the heads of the coaches, players, managers, and even those of television personnel.

The most shocking was to find commentary by people who are markedly anti-soccer.

Why is attending the 2014 World Cup in Brazil so important? What difference would it make for the country to be in the world-wide soccer championship or not? Are there not sufficient problems in the country to occupy our time aside from this game that turns us into zombies without free will?

Those were and still are some of the “less sympathetic” questions of the sport, but at the same time the “very well-informed” keep debating, even today.


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