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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 5, 2010

What is Evo Better At? Running the Country or Playing Soccer? (VIDEO)


Bolivian President Evo Morales was involved in a soccer scuffle in La Paz Sunday.

The match was supposed to be a friendly one between the president’s team and that of the La Paz mayor though political overtones were apparent.

An act caught on video; the president kneed an opponent in the groin after the man aggressively fouled him. For his unsportsmanlike conduct, Morales was not ejected, but his opponent was removed for his foul against the president.

The state-run ABI news agency did not mention Morales’ action but detailed the foul against him that led to the president’s blow.

During the game, the opposing player apparently kicked Morales in the right leg leaving cleat marks in the president’s leg that caused bruising and pain severity at a “7 out of 10,” reported a doctor.

With rest and ice, President Morales will be fine, but the incident has many thinking, “Mr. President, you can’t do that.”

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