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Wednesday June 19, 2013

What does NFLer Aaron Hernandez Know About the Dead Body by His House?

What does NFLer Aaron Hernandez Know About the Dead Body by His House?

Photo: NFL Aaron Hernandez in Trouble?

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Who knew that a dead body in North Attleboro, MA found on Monday would entangle one of NFL’s best tight-end’s, Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots.

Yes, the 23 year-old Hernandez lives one-mile away from the industrial park where the body was found but so do many others in the nearby affluent neighborhood of Westwood Estates.

What we do know is that a male body, reportedly shot, was found around 5:30 p.m. on Monday night in the industrial park.  Immediately after the body was found authorities sought information on a Chevy Suburban with Rhode Island plates.

It is the search for this car that brought authorities to Hernandez’ home late last night.  Authorities had discovered the car was a rental, rented by Hernandez.  It is not known why authorities were looking for the car in the first place.  Nor do we know what witness accounts of yelling coming out of the house on Friday night might mean to the investigation.

Interestingly when authorities arrived last night at the house, two males were making a quick exit but were deterred by authorities.  Authorities stayed at the Hernandez house for some time and were seen leaving with boxes.  Police returned this morning to the $1.3 million home.

The body found has now been identified as 27-year-old Odin Lloyd of Boston who is a former semi-pro football player.  Unconfirmed sources say Hernandez’ girlfriend’s sister was dating Lloyd - thus putting him in Hernandez sphere if true.  His girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, went to Bristol Central high school in Connecticut with Hernandez and is believed to reside with the footballer in North Attleboro.  The couple have a daughter born November of last year. 

Hernandez is a man with a troubled past with many hoping those troubles have not come to visit him again.  He was as a fourth round draft pick with first-draft-pick talent that was hampered by numerous failed drug-tests.  Hernandez, did fess up to drug use and blamed it on his father’s untimely death in 2006.

Hernandez, who has Puerto Rican roots, was drafted in 2010 out of the University of Florida and given a five-year contract valued at $40 million.  Former Florida team mate Tim Tebow is set to join Hernandez in this upcoming season. 

Hernandez once said in an interview ‘‘I obviously made a lot of wrong decisions. But, I learned from them,’’ Hernandez said, when asked about the failed drug test. ‘‘I just think telling the kids to learn from their mistakes, that’s the most important thing in life. Cuz everyone’s going to make mistakes. It’s just a matter of how you bounce back from them.’’