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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 29, 2010

What do You Get with a 23-yr Old Husband & 50-yr Old Wife?  Deadly Sex Games

23-year old Arthur Sedille is claiming he didn’t shoot his 50-year old wife on purpose but rather as part of a “sexual fantasy” game they played that involved guns.

Sedille reportedly shot Rebecca Sedille in bed in their Oklahoma home and there doesn’t appear to be witnesses to the crime.  He apparently shot her in the head while having sex that involved fantasy play requiring the use of a gun.  In his defense he claims he did not know the gun was loaded when he put it to his wife’s head on December 21st.  He also stated that he and his wife often had sex that involved the use of a firearm. 

Sedille has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder while police investigate his version of the shooting.  If the ‘sexual fantasy’ game theory doesn’t pan out and it ends up being just a ‘fantasy’ lie to get out of murdering his wife, 27 years his senior, then he will be charged with first degree murder. 


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