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Latino Daily News

Friday October 15, 2010

WEEKLY FEATURE:  Coco Loco Latinos of the Week

It’s time to identify our Coco Loco Latinos of the Week and we had a lot of “D” as in DUMB, DELUSIONAL, DESPICABLE and D-Cup.

In terms of Coco Loco Latinos that were acting DUMB there were plenty to pick from but DAVID RODRIGUEZ takes the prize for streaking in front of the President and America hoping to win a $1 Million dollars.  Why not just play La Loteria and keep your pants on and dignity in tact? 

ImageCRISTINA SARALEGUI makes our list this week because she still thinks she’s relevant and has become bitter due to her canceled show.  Not only is Cristina over assuming her importance but delusional thinking the show was cancelled because she’s old.  We assume Univision could tolerate her age in spite of all the stretching its had, its that she couldn’t stretch her ratings any higher.

Our least liked and therefore DESPICABLE Coco Loco Latino of the week is none other than BRIAN SANDOVAL.  The Republican candidate for Nevada governor whose skin tone is two shades off of Indian ranchero and nonetheless thinks his children don’t look Hispanic.  It looks like he may not be Latino-lovin’ but he sure is lovin’ them to clean his house at a discount.  He denies he hired illegals but other claims he was dumb enough to pay with a check.

ImageFinally we have our D-cup Coco Loco Coco of the week and its none other than INES SAINZ.  She announced she is retiring from the locker room and will only work the side lines.  She is dumb for thinking she is comes off as a professional reporter, delusional for thinking she’s good at it and despicable (sort of) for setting the women’s movement back a few years.