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Latino Daily News

Friday October 1, 2010

WEEKLY FEATURE:  Coco Loco Latinos of the Week


It’s time to identify our Coco Loco Latinos most of whom we found at different fiestas throughout the week.  We had the decrepit ‘’chuchi chuchi’’  hoochy Charo showing up at PETA’s 30th Annual Awards with an outfit that defines logic.  Lets forget that we all thought she was already dead and after seeing her in a flamenca outfit you’d wish she was.  Any chuchi chuchi flaunting old chi cha’s is Coco Loco. 

Then we had Mexican soccer player Carlos Salcido celebrating Mexico’s win over Colombia with tranny Yamille in the bathroom. The he/she is proclaiming to be in love with Salcido, just after 15 minutes of lust.  Salcido must love to play with balls even when off the field no matter whose they are.  Carlos, who is married, may end up having to file for divorce like George Lopez.

This week our favorite fun Coco Loco announced the end to his 17-year marriage possibly related to his hooker hook-ups reported by the National Enquirer.  Hopefully his wife will just cut his balls off and not the kidney she donated to him. 

The top Coco Loco award of the week however goes to newcomer Nicandra Santillan, also known as the Mad Mexican Maid who changed her name to Nicky so everybody would think she’s actually Americano and not notice she’s in the country illegally - that is until she told the world at a press conference.  Coco Loco.



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