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Tuesday June 28, 2011

Weekend at Sheen’s: Dumped, Dead, Possible New Deal?

Weekend at Sheen’s: Dumped, Dead, Possible New Deal?

Photo: Charlie Sheen

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What’s new with Chuck Sheen? We’ll in a nutshell: he’s goddess-less, his 2 ½ men character might get the death treatment, and he might have an ace up his sleeve to bring him back to “winning”.


It was only a few months ago when Sheen paraded around his live-in “goddesses”, and bought them $800,000 worth of goodies; Sheen must’ve run out of tiger juice, as porn star Bree Olson dumped him via text message on April, and the other goddess walked out on him last weekend.

Nataly Kenly finally wised up, and moved out of the Sheen mansion last week. Now Sheen wants the car he gave her back—a Mercedes, as soon as possible.

Good Bye Pork Pie

On the professional front he doesn’t appear to be faring much better. 

Entertainment sources worldwide report that “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre and fellow producers are thinking about explaining Charlie Sheen’s sudden absence by having him die in a violent car-crash in next season’s opener!  Dios Mio!

The tragic death plot line, would put Allen (John Cryer) and Jake (Angus T. Jones) in a precarious situation, as they’d have to put the house for sale, to cover for the ample debt accrued by the ever-partying uncle.

Enter Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher, would buy the house, and sympathize with the Harpers, eventually allowing them to live in his house.

It sounds a little cheesy, but plausible. Specially if one considers that the whole going-out-the-cliff ousting of Sheen’s character could be Lorre poking fun at the two times Sheen’s own vehicles went off the edge of Mullholland Drive.

Good News

But not all might be over for Sheen. The light at the end of the tunnel comes from “RadarOnline” who posted an exclusive story, assuring that Sheen was in talks with Lionsgate, to star in a sitcom that would also be based on his own persona, but it would be “raunchier and more outrageous, which is perfect for Charlie!.”

The article went on to say that if picked up, it would earn Sheen more money than ever, and that networks and cable channels were making bids to back up the project, with TBS in the lead.

Lionsgate, however has declined to comment on the news, and TBS has denied eeven wanting anything to do with Sheen.