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Latino Daily News

Friday January 25, 2013

Wealthy Businessman Shoots Brother in Mexico

Wealthy Businessman Shoots Brother in Mexico

Photo: Police responding to the shooting (Ángel Gómez)

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Mexican businessman Javier Garza Lagüera suffered minor injuries Thursday when his brother Ricardo shot him at the victim’s home in suburban Monterrey, a source in the Nuevo Leon state Attorney General’s Office said.

The shooting was reported to the state AG’s office shortly before 1:00 p.m., the source said.

State police and prosecutors rushed to the Garza Lagüera home in the exclusive Valle de San Angel neighborhood.

Garza Lagüera was not seriously hurt, according to authorities, who did not say whether Ricardo was in custody or had fled before police arrived.

The shooting occurred during the course of a family argument, the source in the Nuevo Leon AG’s office said.

Javier, 53, and Ricardo, 52, are the sons of the late Marcelo Garza Lagüera, founder of Grupo Orion, which designs and manufactures bathroom furniture, ceramic sanitary ware and ceramic tiles for floor and coatings.

Ricardo Garza Lagüera is Orion’s CEO.