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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 21, 2010

“We are Soldiers in Battle…This is the Final Offensive” calls Venezuelan President

Chavez called upon his supporters to see next Sunday’s legislative election as a battle, a battle to ensure control with 2/3 of the assembly seats. Chavez needs at least 110 of the 165 benches in the National Assembly for important legislation that will “reform the state”.

“Imperial forces in their determination to take control of Venezuela again and make us a colony of the ‘gringos’ have launched a new offensive and are trying to have their lackeys take hold of the National Assembly benches”, added the president.

The last legislative election was held in 2005 and ended with the opposition party walking out, claiming fraud but leaving Chavez with an undisputed majority. Next Sunday the Democratic Unity Table is prepared to challenge Chavez and the United Socialist party for the benches. Opinion polls show the two parties only a few points apart.

Chavez said,” This is the only way to ensure the continuity of peaceful and democratic transition in our motherland to Socialism; that style of life which will make truth the teachings of our Christ Redeemer and the noble purposes of Simon Bolivar”

Next Sunday’s election is also seen as a test vote for the presidential ballot in 2012 when Chavez will be running again.