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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 9, 2011

Water in Panama Rationed Yet Undrinkable

Water in Panama Rationed Yet Undrinkable

Photo: Flooding in Panama

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The intense rains throughout Panama and other parts of Latin America have resulted in million of Panamanians having their water rationed while at the same time they are unable to drink it due to contamination.

The water supply in the country is dependent on local lakes and though at their highest levels in December due to rains, it is now the dry season when water has to be rationed.  Yet residents are angry they are being asked to ration water that is also unfit to drink unless boiled.

The December rains filled the lakes forcing floodgates to be opened which not only control the Panama Canal but also local water purification plants. 

The unprecedented rains, occurring every 200 years or so, washed tons of dirt into the water system, which the purification system is not able to handle in the country. The boiling of water will continue for the foreseeable future; the country does not have any plans to upgrade their purification systems at this time.