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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 29, 2011

Watch The President’s Answers to Hispanic Roundtable Questions (VIDEO)

Watch The President’s Answers to Hispanic Roundtable Questions (VIDEO)

Photo: President Obama, Jose Siade, Karine Medina and Gabriel Lerner

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Yesterday, President Obama answered questions on a vast range of subjects important to Latinos, asked by a panel of representatives from three Hispanic online media outlets.

President Obama talked about a range of issues from immigration and education to Social Security and the American Jobs Act during a round table discussion with Jose Siade from Yahoo Español, Karine Medina from MSN Latino and Gabriel Lerner from AOL Latino and Huff-Post Latino Voices. 

The group joined the President in the White House Map Room for an hour-long conversation that centered on the questions submitted to the Hispanic roundtable around issues that matter most to Latinos. 

Take a look at the video below where President Obama answers the following questions:

*What are you doing in order to reform immigration laws and allow the undocumented persons living in the United States to seek a pathway to contributing to society?
*What is your policy on deportation?
*What do you plan to do for the remainder of your term to ensure that companies begin hiring again?
*What happened to the investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona?
*What can be done to avoid further discrimination or bullying particularly within various racial groups particularly for Hispanic kids?
*Is there anything the United States could do to strengthen the Mexican economy and reduce the incentive for illegal immigration?
*What can be done for bi-national LGBT spouses who would like to sponsor their partner but are blocked from doing so by provisions in the Defense of Marriage Act?
*Why has the DREAM act not been passed?
*What is your position regarding Cuba and the embargo?
*What is your strategy to stop the flow of weapons bought in the US and entering Mexico?
*What do you believe is the greatest challenge that the Hispanic community faces in this country?
*Do you think it’s time for a Hispanic Vice President or President?
*How do you propose to improve healthcare in the United States?
*What are the requirements needed to establish a clear referendum on Puerto Rico’s status?
*Will there be extra allotments in cost of living adjustments for Social Security?