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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 7, 2011

WATCH: Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls, Run Begins 11:30 CDT (LIVE STREAM)

WATCH: Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls, Run Begins 11:30 CDT (LIVE STREAM)

Photo: Pamplona's San Fermín

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Image Be a part (from the safety of your home) of the crazy San Fermín crowd and enjoy a few exhilarating moments of the 204 hour long festivities, live from Pamplona!
At the exact same time every sixth of July, Pamplona floods with a swarming flock of white and red clad daredevils.

ImageA “chupinazo” blast –a firecracker, sets in motion 9 intense days of the most boisterous uninterrupted partying Spain and all of Europe has ever seen.
On Wednesday, the Mayor shot the chupinazo and cheered the crowd with the traditional “Pamploneses, pamplonesas, viva San Fermín, gora San Fermín!” As per tradition, the crowd tied red handkerchiefs to their necks, a reckless thing to do considering that every year, at 6:30pm six huge fighting bulls and six steers are released to charge through the narrow, winding streets of the northern Spanish town, chasing after anything red that moves.

It is a party alright, but certainly not for the animals, and not unlike every year hundreds of protesters have staged staged demonstrations in the city’s plazas and cultural venues to protest against the mistreat and killing of bulls.

Check it out for yourself on this Live Stream of today’s festivities!