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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 22, 2012

WATCH J Lo Bashing Video Over her Fiat Commerical (VIDEO)

WATCH J Lo Bashing Video Over her Fiat Commerical (VIDEO)

Photo: J Lo Bashed for Fiat

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Poor J Lo, well actually she’s not poor in the fiscal sense, can’t cut a break.  First there’s the disappointing ratings for American Idol and now a anti-Iran organization is coming after her.  Apparently, United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI) isn’t happy with Jennifer’s affiliation, albeit a capitalist one, with Fiat. 

Fiat, an Italian car company continues to do business with one of the world’s mecca’s for human right abuses.

UANI has taken its pro-human rights message right to J Lo’s wallet claiming she “supports terrorists” because of the commercials she did promoting FIAT.  The organization wants her to publicly disavow herself from the company and come out in defense of human rights, instead of just her human rights. 

Either way UANI is reaping the benefits of bashing our Jenni from the block: fan mail and issue awareness has never been higher for UANI. 

Maybe J Lo should of stuck with hawking her clothes at Kohl’s. 

Check out the video.

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