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Latino Daily News

Monday August 29, 2011

Watch Comedian Katt Williams Latino Racist Rant in Phoenix (VIDEO)

Watch Comedian Katt Williams Latino Racist Rant in Phoenix (VIDEO)

Photo: Katt Williams

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Not the calmest of summers for the comedian who despite dodging jail time, was kicked out of his own show in California, and was the a-hole in two separate Phoenix altercations.

The comedian dodged a bullet earlier this month when he was found not guilty of blocking a L.A. man in a tractor this past June, while the poor man was trying to escape three women attacking him with rocks and sticks.

The specifics are hazy, and media didn’t have time to poke fun at the bizarre court case because of the media revolt already caused by the hot headed comedian, who had to be escorted out of his own California show by police officers in early August.

Then it was Phoenix’s turn to be yelled at in two separate incidents; at a Young Jeezy concert, where he started a giant fist fight, and at his own Comedy Show, when he went on a racist tirade against Mexicans.

Watch the clip below, taken from the latest “Comedy” act of Katt Wiliams.  Make sure you catch the “go back to Mexico” rant or the “Motherf***er thinks you can live in this country and still be allegiance to another country.  You know how white people said to us [blacks], ‘Go Back to Africa’ and we didn’t want to?  Well, if you love Mexico, bitch get the fuck over there.”  Nice Huh??