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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 3, 2011

Brazilian Police Car Crashes Into Smuggler’s Plane (VIDEO)

Brazilian Police Car Crashes Into Smuggler’s Plane (VIDEO)

Photo: Brazilian Cops Ram Plane

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Brazilian feds arrested a gang of five smugglers after crashing their police vehicle into the left wing of the criminal’s plane.

The video below shows a group of Federal policemen in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil chasing a white plane, filled with stolen electronics.

After a month long investigation police launched an operation to catch the criminals red-handed, but at the last minute the criminals got on a plane and were preparing to take off.

But the Brazilian feds were not going to let their efforts go to waste and to prevent the criminals from taking off, rammed their plane with the cop car.

Five smugglers were arrested and police seized 114 laptops as well as stolen printers and cameras.

Take a look at the amazing footage below, and join our forum section for the conversation.