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Latino Daily News

Monday October 31, 2011

WATCH ‘Anonymous’ Sends Video to the Zetas Cartel (VIDEO)

WATCH ‘Anonymous’ Sends Video to the Zetas Cartel (VIDEO)

Photo: Anonymous’ Sends Video to the Zetas Cartel

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‘Anonymous’ says they will release information of Mexican cops, businesses and journalists that are connected with the Zetas cartel, if the thugs don’t release a kidnapped hacker.

An “Anonymous” hacker was kidnapped by the Zetas in Veracruz while participating in a street level protest called #OperationPaperStorm.

A video released by Anonymous earlier this month, demanded the liberation of their peer, and gave the Zetas until November 5th (when the group has also vowed to take down Facebook) to release him unharmed and if they don’t do so, Anonymous would release information uncovering the cartel’s corrupt allies in the Mexican police force, government and news media.

“Anonymous of Veracruz, Mexico and the World, we would like you to know that a member [of Anonymous] was kidnapped while engaged in #OperationPaperStorm in our city. We demand his freedom. We want the army and marines to know we are tired of the delinquent group “the Zetas” who have been dedicated to kidnapping, stealing from and extortion in many ways every honest and hard working Veracruz people that breaks his back day to day to feed his family. We are tired of the journalists and newspapers of Jalapa, Veracruz, Córdoba and Orizaba, who keep throwing s**t to honest authorities like the military and marines. We are tired of taxi drivers, commanders and police-zetas in the municipalities of Córdoba, Xalapa, Orizaba, Nogales and Río Blanco who have been dedicated to aid the zetas. For the time being we won’t publish the names and photographs of taxi drivers, journalists newspapers, or police, but if it becomes necessary we will even publish their addresses to see if the government detains them. We can’t defend us with a weapon, but we can do this with [make public] your houses, cars, bars, brothels and everything you own…We all know who you are and where you are. You made a mistake in taking one of us, release him and if something happens to him, you sons of b****es will remember the 5th of November.”