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Latino Daily News

Friday June 21, 2013

Was he Fleeing to Venezuela? Man Suspected of Killing Wife was Looking to Travel

Was he Fleeing to Venezuela? Man Suspected of Killing Wife was Looking to Travel

Photo: Alan Smith with girlfriend. Wife (R) murdered in February

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A Washington man suspected of killing his wife was arrested after refusing to give police his passport this week.

In February, Alan Smith’s wife estranged wife was brutally murdered in her Bothell, WA home, while the two were in the middle of a bitter divorce. While the murder is being investigated, the couple’s two children are Washington Child Protective Service.

During their investigation, authorities reportedly found that Smith had been researching flight information for one adult and two children, and has done a search for “will Venezuela extradite to the U.S.”

On Monday, police were called to the very same home in which Susann Smith was murdered, the home Alan Smith now shares with his girlfriend of about one month, Love Thai. Neighbors called police after hearing screaming coming from the home. When police arrived, they found the pair having sex in the yard, but had no cause for an arrest.

According to Thai, the neighbors simply don’t like and don’t trust her boyfriend, saying, ‘I think they just want to see him for what they want to see him, which is out of fear that he murdered his wife. And he didn’t, I’m sorry.’

Thai added, ‘What really breaks my heart is that his neighbors haven’t come and just cooked him a home-cooked meal … Help him, he’s hurting. He’s lost his wife. He’s lost his children - -he hasn’t seen his children in four months.’

Though not arrested on Monday, police returned to the home on Thursday with a search warrant, asking for his passport. Smith turned them away and did not give them the document. When officers returned later that day, they were informed Smith and Thai had gone to a cafe about a mile away.

At the cafe, Smith was again asked for the passport. After telling officers he did not have it in his possession he was arrested and booked into Snohornish County Jail.

On February 12, Suzann Smith, 37, was found died in her Bothell home. It was determined that along with a number of defensive wounds to her hands and arms, the mother of two had a fractured and 19 separate blunt force strikes and stab wounds to her face and hands.

During the investigation, lab technicians found blood on the steering wheel of Alan Smith’s SUV, as well as on the console and floor mat. Police also have records to show he bought a rubber mallet, shoe covers, and disposable coveralls before his wife’s murder.

Asked about the suspicious Venezuelan flight searches on Smith’s computer, Thai told reporters, ‘Who doesn’t want to go to South America, you know?’ Adding, ‘We’re not fleeing town.’