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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 30, 2011

WANTED: Chihuahua, Only Eye Witness to NM Trooper Having Public Sex With Uniform On!!

WANTED: Chihuahua, Only Eye Witness to NM Trooper Having Public Sex With Uniform On!!

Photo: Who is this mysterious furry mammal?

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Chihuahua, marmota, ardilla, whatever that furry mammal is, it’s sitting on an exclusive story.

New México is home of the Road Runner, the Coyote and now an unidentified small mammal (could be a Chihuahua, a baby marmot, or a giant squirrel…) who witnessed a State Trooper make whoopee with a civilian on the hood of a car, possible an undercover patrol vehicle, in broad daylight in Santa Fe.

Stills taken from a surveillance video clearly show the officer (who has not been identified, despite the fact that the video quality is pristine) engaged in standing-missionary style love making, while still in uniform and with his ‘utility belt’ on, with an unidentified woman in ripped up jeans and ballet shoes.  You will note the furry mammal is just hanging out and watching.

Details of the encounter are hazy, despite happening at approximately noon, when the sun is high and things cast no shadows.  Please help us identify the furry creature we want to interview it - we have no hope of interviewing the officer since he’s probably in fear of losing his job and any sense of decency he has left.  As far as the woman we love that she is wearing dainty ballet slippers to f**k on top of a car out in public.

Several media outlets are investigating the incident and obtained the video from local authorities under the Freedom of Information Act and are attempting to identify the officer and hold him accountable for his actions.  More details to come as they become available.