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Latino Daily News

Friday February 4, 2011

Voodoo Prostitution Ring Busted in Spain, 17 Arrested

Voodoo Prostitution Ring Busted in Spain, 17 Arrested

Photo: Evidence of Voodoo Rituals Used to Scare Women Into Prostitution

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A former victim of abuse forced into prostitution starts her own firm that lures unsuspecting Nigrerian women into prostitution in Spain, they were kept in servitude by having their children kidnapped and with vodoo dolls containing their bodily fluids and alleged to have supernatural powers. 

A “Madam” known as “Mother Mustafá” arrived to Spain from Nigeria a few years ago, hopeful, excited about the prospect of being able to send money to her relatives back in the African nation, since she had been offered a promising job in a big Spanish city.

But the job opportunity was a lie, instead she was forced into prostitution, until she paid back the cost of her plane ticket, plus a presumably astronomic mafia interest rate.

Once she paid off her debt, alone and illegally in a foreign country, she opted for climbing up the ladder of the same business she had been a victim of and became a madam, offering faux jobs at hair salons and supermarkets to Nigerian girls, only to force them into prostitution until they paid back the 50,000 euros that she allegedly spent bringing them to Spain.

The network grew ample, and its tentacles spread into different criminal practices that helped the “business” stay afloat; the organization had its own fake document “factory” and recruiting personnel in Nigeria, Senegal and Morocco, which lured girls with promises of grandeur and paid for their tickets to lush European locations in Greece, France and Italy. Once there network contacts moved them to Spain, where they forced them to pay back travel expenses and document expedition fees through prostitution.

A second method for entering the girls into Spain consisted of making them walk form Nigeria to north Morocco, where the girls where systematically raped until they got pregnant, and only then they were allowed to travel to Spain, where they were separated from their children, and forced into prostitution to get them back.

“Mother Mustafá‘s” cronies would photograph the women naked, and take samples of their hair, and bodily fluids. They would build voodoo dolls, complete with these samples, and terrorize them with voodoo “ceremonies”. These women were continuously beaten, and forced to pay bogus fees in addition to their rent, weekly food and transportation to Spain.  The women that got pregnant were severely punished, and forced to not only have an abortion, but also to pay for it.

After one of the victims was able to tell her story to police, officers investigated Mother Mustafá and another madam alias Cynthya and little by little peeled off the layers of the organization, finding in addition to the horrible voodoo prostitution network a crime cell that created fake documents, arranged citizenship-weddings and even a internet scam and phishing operation. 17 people were arrested in a sweep across Spain.

At the time Mother Mustafá was arrested, police found a series of voodoo dolls which the procuress used to threat the girls. One of those dolls represented Mother Mustafá‘s little sister, as well a victim of the ruthless procuress.