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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 5, 2011

“Volun-tourism” Gives Surfers the Opportunity to Do Good Along Central America’s Coasts

“Volun-tourism” Gives Surfers the Opportunity to Do Good Along Central America’s Coasts

Photo: Latin America

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For those looking for a new kind of vacation, one in which you put your time to good use while still having fun, Surf for Life may be for you.

Surf For Life is a non-profit organization designed to connect surfers and non-surfers with community service activities to create impact at an international level. The mission of the organization is to channel the interest and energy of individual surfers into teams that travel internationally to various project sites where they serve as hands-on volunteers.

The trips are open to anyone: Experienced surfers, beginners, people who are interested in taking up the sport and non-surfers. The common point of interest of all participants is their commitment to contribute to the advancement of a social cause. Surf For Life offers an alternative vacation option that combines recreation with community service opportunities. We are matching surf teams with various international destinations that combine world class surfing and opportunities for social philanthropy.

Surf travel is a billion-dollar industry and these trips take advantage of those looking for fun as well as those looking to do good. Surf for Life’s website calls it ‘volun-tourism.’

Current trips being planned include those heading to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and El Cuco, El Salvador.

Last month, the surfers were able to break ground on El Cuco’s first high school.

The school’s assistant principal, Raphael Cortez told the San Francisco Chronicle, “All of them are excited about this new school. We are touched. These surfers have nothing to do with us, and they are here helping.”

The two-classroom school will teach students from kindergarten to ninth grade, and is expected to open by January 1.