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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 7, 2011

Vogue Magazine’s “Fashion’s Night Out” Goes to México! (VIDEO)

Vogue Magazine’s “Fashion’s Night Out” Goes to México! (VIDEO)

Photo: Mexico's "Fashion Night Out"

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Fashion will surely take over México on September 8, when Vogue brings its third “Fashion’s Night Out” south of the border for the first time.

Vogue is bringing its “Fashion’s Night Out” to México City for the first time this week. Stores and luxury retailers will keep their doors open late in the evening, and host cocktail parties, concerts and special events aimed at showcasing their products and collections.

From 6 to 11pm, department stores and shopping centers will offer shoppers free champagne and special discounts; several stores will have their own “Vogue Studio” where Mexican celebrities will offer photo sessions with shoppers.

For more details on special events and how to attend, visit the Magazine’s website, or check out their September’s issue.