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Latino Daily News

Saturday December 18, 2010

VIVA Las Vegas:  Senator John Ensign of Nevada the Focus of DREAM Act Students

The Republican Senator from Nevada, John Ensign, is getting a lot of attention and mail this week from Nevada students in support of the DREAM Act.  There are the 3,000 postcards that have been mailed to his Las Vegas office, there’s the on going demonstrations in front of the federal building, and then there’s the singing of a modified version of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ in front of the Senator’s office.

It goes something like this:  “On the fourth day of Christmas the senators gave to me / four teachers / three architects / two dog tags / and the DREAM Act to set me free.”  The organized and insistent group is made up of numerous Nevada pro-immigrant organizations and student groups like Si, Se Puede and Latinos en Accion. 

The groups are hoping to convince Senator Ensign and all other undecided Senators to vote for the DREAM ACT.  When the orchestrated activism started there was no set day for a Senate vote, now it has been slated for tomorrow morning. 

The DREAM Act if enacted would grant citizenship, under certain conditions, to undocumented students that are either in school or that have a college degree.