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Latino Daily News

Friday October 29, 2010

Violence in Mexico appears to be Targeting Innocent Bystanders

Three separate incidents in Mexico yesterday are indicating that the violence from the drug cartels wars is now targeting innocent Mexican citizens without an attributable cause except to cause more fear and panic amongst ordinary Mexican citizens.

Yesterday four employees of the Eagle Ottawa Company located near Ciudad Juarez were shot dead when gunmen boarded three company buses and started shooting randomly.  In Zapopan, a suburb of Jalisco, Mexico, grenades launched into a private residence wounding five people including two toddlers.

These attacks came on the heals of an ambush at a carwash that left 15 employees dead in Nayarit.  Over the weekend, 14 Catholic school teens were massacred at a birthday party – none were known to have any connections to drug cartels. 

Police officials in Mexico continue to be the target of many drive-by shootings and ambushes.  Yesterday in Jalisco, nine officers were killed in an ambush and one remains missing.  Assault rifles and grenades were used in most of these ambushes.