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Latino Daily News

Monday July 12, 2010

Violence Continues to Climb in Guatemala

Violence continues to plague the Central American country of Guatemala, where 23 people were killed this weekend.  On average 11 to 15 individuals die violently each day.  This weekend’s killings included 6 women and a young girl killed by unknown gunmen.  Guatemala has one of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America and at times American tourists are the target. In a most recent report the American Embassy in Guatemala reported 10 incidents of crime against American’s in April ranging from sexual assault to armed robbery.

The killings occur mostly in the capital city of Guatemala City and are gang related.  Others killed are business men refusing to pay extortion monies to organize crime.  In 2009 5,600 murders in Guatemala were recorded with 25 murders a week occurring in Guatemala City alone.  Of those crimes 98% were unsolved that has lead to another problem in the country, vigilantism. 


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