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Latino Daily News

Monday December 9, 2013

Violence Continues in Honduras, Journalist & Political Candidate Killed Over Weekend

A former mayoral candidate for the leftist Liberty and Refounding Party, or Libre - Graciela Lozano - and Radio Globo journalist Juan Carlos Argeñal, a supporter of former President Manuel Zelaya, were murdered by gunmen in separate incidents, Honduran police reported Sunday.

Authorities said that Lozano, a former Libre mayoral candidate in the town of Brus Laguna, was attacked by at least two unidentified gunmen on Saturday morning in the Los Maestros neighborhood of the Caribbean coastal city of La Ceiba and died later of her wounds, police said.

Meanwhile, Argeñal, a 43-year-old Radio Globo correspondent in the eastern city of Danli, was also shot to death by unknown gunmen who forced their way into his home, a police spokesmen told reporters.

The journalist was found dead inside his residence with “two gunshots in the head,” the spokesman added.

According to the local press, Argeñal was a supporter of the Libre party, which fielded as its presidential candidate Xiomara Castro, Zelaya’s wife, and - in addition - was the brother of the coordinator of the National Popular Resistance Front in Danli.

Election authorities last week declared the winner of the Nov. 24 presidential election to be the governing National Party of Honduras’s Juan Orlando Hernandez with 36.8 percent of the vote to the 28.8 percent garnered by Xiomara Castro, who had proclaimed herself to be the winner on election day.

Zelaya was deposed after a coup d’etat on June 28, 2009.

So far, security forces and judicial authorities have not been able to establish motives in the two killings.

The United Nations considers Honduras to be one of the world’s most violent countries.


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