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Latino Daily News

Monday May 5, 2014

Vigilantes Kill Woman in Brazil Suspected of Kidnapping Babies

A woman beaten by a mob who accused her of kidnapping a child died Monday at a hospital in the southeastern Brazilian city of Guaruja.

Fabiane Maria de Jesus passed away after spending two days in a medically induced coma, administrators at Santo Amaro Hospital said.

The G1 news Web site has posted a video showing a group of people carrying her body to the hospital following the lynching last Saturday.

Maria de Jesus, 30, was attacked by neighbors in Guaruja after rumors circulated on social networks accusing the woman of having abducted several children for use in occult rituals, her family said.

Sao Paulo state police are investigating the brutal assault.

Vigilantism appears to be on the rise in Brazil.

A Rio de Janeiro newspaper recently published photographs of a man executing an accused thief with a shot at point-blank range, while images shared on social networks show a man who appears to have been tortured and then left naked and chained to a post.


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