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Latino Daily News

Friday April 13, 2012

VIDEO: Short Film Showcases a Corrupt Mexico with Child Actors

VIDEO: Short Film Showcases a Corrupt Mexico with Child Actors

Photo: Short film showcases child actors in a mock Mexico, sparking controversy.

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Film produced by the group Nuestro Del Futuro (Our Mexico of the Future) shows child actors as kidnappers, corrupt cops, drug traffickers, and greedy politicians in a mock Mexico. The video was indeed a much needed wake up call for the corruption and overwhelming violence that currently is enveloping the country.

As expected, the video sparked controversy with those who believed it to be a ploy of political manipulation that was also offensive to the innocence of children, even regarding as child abuse.

The group producers of the short film, headed by the Mexican insurance company GNP, published several advertisements in the paper mentioning that it merely reflected the life and concerns of citizens who have endured the same situations.

Congressman Mario di Costanzo didn’t agree with the group, arguing that there used of children in no way would help inspire change. He instead stated, ” It is unacceptable, scandalous, the they have shown children smoking, armed, kidnapping people with pistols and locking them in trucks.”

The 4-minute film called “Ninos Incomodo” (Discomforting Kids), themed with the 1970s balled “Una Manana” (One Morning), has so far accumulated more that 1.8 million views since its posting earlier in the week.

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