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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 12, 2012

Video of Mexican Businessman Beats Doorman for NOT Changing Tire- Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Video of Mexican Businessman Beats  Doorman for NOT Changing Tire- Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Photo: Man beats doorman

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A video of a wealthy businessman beating a doorman at his luxury apartment building has sparked outrage in Mexico, where people have taken to social-networking sites to vent their anger.

The attack occurred in July of last year but did not come to the public’s attention until Tuesday, when the video of the incident went viral on YouTube.

The footage shows Mexican textile group owner Miguel Moises Sacal approaching Hugo Enrique Vera, insulting him several times and then delivering a brutal beating that left the man with two broken teeth and other lesser injuries.

Other employees of the luxury Mexico City apartment building can be seen on the video doing little or nothing to stop the beating.

According to Mexican news reports, Sacal apparently became enraged when Vera did not help him find the jack in his car.

Several Facebook groups have sprouted up against Sacal, while on Twitter - where he is sarcastically called “El Gentleman de Las Lomas,” a reference to the affluent Mexico City neighborhood where he lives - the businessman’s attack on the doorman is one of the most commented topics.

Users of the social-networking sites have called for boycotts of Sacal’s clothing stores or urged people to go to the home of the businessman - who faces battery charges but has not been arrested - and beat him in similar fashion.

The Web users not only have expressed anger over the attack but also over the fact Sacal has managed to avoid jail by securing a court injunction against arrest, a judicial tactic they say is evidence that wealthy Mexicans are above the law.

The case is proceeding toward trial and the businessman, who also appears in another video insulting a journalist and a traffic policeman after committing an infraction, has submitted evidence in his defense.

Mexico City ombud Luis Gonzalez Plasencia also has expressed his full support for the injured apartment building employee, saying his office will support Vera’s effort to pursue the battery charges to the fullest extent of the law.

The capital’s Human Rights Commission, for its part, has filed a formal petition with the District Attorney’s Office, requesting that it take steps to protect the worker’s safety.

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