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Tuesday February 14, 2012

Victor Cruz Salsas at the Grammys, Could he Try his Hand at ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Victor Cruz Salsas at the Grammys, Could he Try his Hand at ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Photo: Cruz Salsas at Grammys

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The wide receiver from the Super Bowl-winning New York Giants, Victor Cruz was all smiles as he walked the red carpet at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards this weekend.

The 25-year-old even gave the crowd a bit of his signature Salsa moves as he posed in a nice-fitting gray suit. Later that night he, teammate Mario Manningham, and actress Pauley Perrette presented the award from Best Rock Performance. After presenting the Foo Fighters with the award, Cruz took to Twitter saying, “Can’t believe I just got on stage at the Grammy’s!! Crazy!”

Cruz and Manningham were the only athletes to take the stage at the award show, and Cruz said being on stage at the Grammys was more nerve-wracking than playing professional football. Even after stepping off the stage, Cruz had a great view, as he was seated directly behind triumphant singer Adele, who after coming back from throat surgery, took home a stunning 6 awards that night.

His signature dance moves have certainly not gone unnoticed, as Access Hollywood is reporting that Cruz was approached by the producers of “Dancing with the Stars”.

He kindly declined the offer, saying he would prefer to keep his attention on the game, but he did add, “Maybe in the future.”

And while the last few weeks have been exciting for the player, Cruz has also begun discussing the possibility of a raise.

Friday, the always humble player told the New York Post, ‘I think I was paid, you know, relative to where I came in this year and, you know, I came in as a free agent so that’s the salary I was on, so I don’t feel like I was underpaid. I mean, I feel like after my performance this year, you know, I feel like I deserve to be paid more money at this point. But that’s something I’ll let my agents and those people take care of and I’ll just go out there and play the game.’

Cruz’s 2011 season salary was $450,000.

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