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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 25, 2011

Victor Cruz NFL’s Newest Darling at Least for This Week

Victor Cruz NFL’s Newest Darling at Least for This Week

Photo: Wow Victor Cruz Rides to Victory

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How did the San San Francisco Giant’s most unlikely game hero, Victor Cruz, become this week’s NFL darling?  The 29-16 Sunday win for the Giants v Eagles made everyone notice this Puerto Rican wide receiver that was an undrafted free agent not that long ago and just signed in the off season.

Cruz caught his first touchdown in a regular season game but also went on to catch another later in the game.  One of the passes, a fourth quarter play, was a catching-fight between Cruz and Eagles super-star Nnamdi Asomugha who is working on a $60 million dollar contract to Cruz’ barely $1 million contract.  Cruz wasn’t even suppose to play but two injured Giant receivers forced the coach to put him in.

Cruz put the Giants on the board, 14-0, with a touch down pass from quarterback Eli Manning taking the team to a first-quarter lead.  Then later in the game the Giants were trailing 16-14 when Manning threw another pass to Cruz that was sandwiched between a lot of Eagle talent Jarrad Page and Asomugha and he broke through for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.