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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 5, 2014

Venezuelan Narcotics Agency Seizes Over 3 Tons of Cocaine

Venezuela’s ONA counternarcotics agency said Friday that it seized 3,175 kilos (6,993 lbs.) of cocaine last week in the western state of Zulia, bordering on Colombia.

“Good intelligence work led to the detection of this camp with its five laboratories for processing cocaine and storing coca paste,” ONA director Alejandro Keleris said during a press conference.

Besides cocaine, security forces found 3,900 liters (1,030 gallons) of chemicals used in processing coca paste into cocaine.

Fifty army troops also took part in Operation Sovereignty I 2014, which discovered this lab just a few meters (yards) from the Colombian border.

During 2013, Venezuela confiscated 46.8 tons of drugs, mainly cocaine and marijuana, and located 108 clandestine airstrips used by drug smugglers.

Though not a drug-producing nation, Venezuela is a conduit for cocaine from neighboring Colombia.


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