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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 23, 2011

Venezuela-Cuba Fibre-Optic Cable Project Begins

Venezuela-Cuba Fibre-Optic Cable Project Begins

Photo: The cable will connect Camuri in Venezuela to Siboney in Cuba, with a side link to Jamaica

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A fibre-optic cable stretching from Venezuela to Cuba has begun being laid and should be in place by February with operations beginning in July. It will stretch 1000 miles and greatly improve Cuba’s telephone and Internet services.

Currently Cuba relies on expensive and slow Satellite service. The new cable will increase the data capacity by 3000 times.

Cuban officials praised the cable for breaking the country’s “historic dependence [on the United States] in the sphere of telecommunications”. And Venezuelan Minister for Science and Technology Ricardo Menendez was heard shouting “Venezuela’s breaking the embargo!”.

Today in Cuba only 16% of the population has access to the Internet. Although Cuba blames the US for its Internet deficiency, it is the Cuban government’s internal regulations that limit the citizens from the Internet. One must obtain official Internet permission from the government to be on the web.

In November the official communist party newspaper Granma drenched the hopes of Cuban individuals hoping for better excess. In an article, talking about how vastly improved the islands communication will be , “but not necessarily mean a broader extension of the same”.