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Latino Daily News

Friday November 4, 2011

Utah Man Claims he’s Undocumented in Order to Avoid Jail Time

Utah Man Claims he’s Undocumented in Order to Avoid Jail Time

Photo: Jaime Alvarado, 27, claimed he was undocumented to avoid jail time

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A Utah man was the subject of a police search after he falsely claimed he was in the country illegally in an attempt to avoid jail time by being deported.

In 2010, Jaime Alvarado, 27, was arrested for possession of cocaine and heroin with the intent to distribute. He was facing 15 years in jail when he came up with the story to that he was an undocumented immigrant who had come from Mexico, and whose real name was supposedly Saul Quiroz.

His plan initially worked, as he was deported back to Mexico, but when Alvarado tried to cross back into the U.S., his passport was flagged and he was arrested by Salt Lake City police.

Alvarado, a U.S. citizen, attempted to avoid jail time by taking advantage of the fact that some law enforcement officials would rather deport an undocumented immigrant who have than keep him in the country, taking up space in U.S. jails and prisons, especially when more dangerous criminals are out.

When brought before a judge in February, Alvarado acknowledged that he lied about who, and in a written statement to the judge asked for leniency because he has a family to support.

His case was turned over U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who them determined he was not an illegal immigrant back in June, but when he failed to report back after his legal status was revealed a $50,000 warrant went out for his arrest.

Immigration Attorney Rishi Oza tod The Associated Press she’d ‘never seen something like this happen.’ Adding, ‘I have never seen an American citizen try to get deported.’

Oza also said Alvarado’s risk was not one she’d ever suggest anyone take, because in the end ‘you’re creating a bigger hole for yourself.’